Victoria City Council

"Passion For Serving People."


Charlayne speaking at the Sled Dog Killings Walk.

       Council Service

Capital Regional District
Director 2008 - 2011
Water Commissioner 2002 to 2005
Downtown and Harris Green Neighbourhoods
Council Liaison 2002 to 2010
Deputy Council Liaison 2005 to 2008
Tourism Victoria
Council Liaison 2002 to 2008
Tourism Hospitality Awards Committee
Council Liaison 2002 to 2008
Victoria Downtown Advisory Committee
Council Liaison 2002 to 2008
Downtown Victoria Community Alliance
Council Representative 2003 to 2004
Cold Weather Shelter for Homeless
Helped to initiate in 2004
Downtown Victoria Business Association
Council representative 2005 to 2010
Private Property Maintenance Committee
Member 2005 to 2007
“Dogs In Parks” Steering Committee
Council representative 2004 to 2006
Heritage Advisory Committee,
   Heritage Civic Trust, and
   Heritage Foundation

Council Liaison 2005 to 2008
Mayor’s Task Force To End Homelessness, Mental Illness
   and Addiction

Steering Committee Chair 2007
Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness
2008 - Present
Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood
Council Liaison 2008 - Present
Community Development, Environment and Infrastructure Standing Committee
Chair 2012 - Present
City of Victoria Honourary Citizen of Victoria Committee
Chair 2008 - Present
CRD Housing Trust Fund Commission
Director 2011 - Present
Cemetery Trustees of Greater Victoria
Director 2011 - Present
Greater Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice
Council Liaison 2011 - Present